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Our Competence

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Our Mission

Transdisciplinary and intercultural analysis, design, testing, integration and delivery of services for a viable transition to a new global paradigm of sustainable human development.

Our Scope

SCG delivers innovative, intelligent and imaginative solutions for sustainable development in most fields of human activity, including Commerce, Finance, Science, Education and Private and Public Administration

Our Methodology

We apply advanced, integrative knowledge, based on general systems theory and mutual causality principles, to complex human and environmental problems in real time. Clients' requirements come first, followed by thorough data collection and analysis. We then carefully design and integrate appropriate, individualized strategies and comprehensively tested and proven solutions that will work the first time

Who We Are

Our Consultants, Specialists and Research Scientists have decades of front line experience across the globe in delivering and managing services, solutions, and implementations in nearly every area of Strategic Planning, Intelligent Solutions and Real-Time Applications. Our senior staff of interdisciplinary and intercultural experts delivers services and products in all branches of government, commerce, research, and education.
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What We Do

SCG is an advanced problem-solving consultancy that offers different types of services to its clients:
  • First, SCG is a global, interdisciplinary and intercultural think-tank that assists its clients through consultation to find solutions to complex and challenging problems with local and global ramifications
  • Second, SCG designs, analyzes, builds, tests, and integrates problem-solving assets through its team of experienced senior scientists and strategic consultants
  • Third, SCG delivers complete custom tailored technology architectures that are global, real-time, interdisciplinary, and inercultural for every field of application.


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