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Computer Assisted Decision Support Services

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The need for rapid decisions and responses in today’s hectic world, with all of its fast passing opportunities and adverse crisis situations, makes the availability of an adequate decision support-system a very critical necessity, especially due to the fact that decision-processing practices that rely only on humans have shown to produce often a faulty view on how events relate to one another.

Evidence shows that the imperfect nature of humans’ approximation of information-gathering and processing practices produces incorrect input assumptions and problematically flawed decisions on the output side. All too often such decisions are critical, and worse, they often cannot be altered later on. However, open-ended delays in making decisions, in fear of wrong judgment, affect the outcomes equally adversely, especially in fast-paced, decisive situations.

SCG is providing powerful, custom-tailored, supercomputer-assisted decision tools that can be embedded in a client organization’s decision-support practice. SCG can improve the process of real-time decision-making in such a way as to reduce risk and error and increase the safety of human lives, organization, and property. Beside risk avoidance, those tools can optimize the decision processes towards the better realization of opportunity.

This service includes technological tools that can be deployed to aid decision-makers in day-to-day decision making, but also in more complex emergencies. SCG provides intelligently designed interfaces for decision support.
The underlying AI process is designed to understand the paralleled levels of reality and relationships that exist within the space of our decision processes, and within the more complex situations that occur in the many emergencies of our lives.

This service can be deployed on several different levels and dimensions. Decision-processing can be delivered as a simple aid for specific actions such as medical diagnoses or economical and financial assessments. But SCG also offers, when needed, the rapid replacement of human participation or intervention in computer-managed processes.

The new and prevailing branches of self-learning, artificial intelligence in SCG’s powerful Quantum Relation Technology can continuously aid organizations in their day-to-day activities. Supercomputers can take over critical decisions, managing millions of potential escalation models, in parallel to gathering and disseminating information. Our experts develop and implement those fully automated decision-systems on SCG’s supercomputers. The deliverables include, beyond the Server-based, decision-processing assets, a full set of Internet-based representational tools, interfaces and communication processes, which fully integrate the computer-assisted decision making with the Client’s environment. The security aspects of this service are complex and very thorough. Potential clients for this service are strongly encouraged to contact us for more information.

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