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SCG’s inter- and transdisciplinary competence allows its select teams of consultants to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a client’s real world situation, opportunities and problems in short timeframes. The select team of experts performs exhaustive analyses and develops appropriate solutions and recommendations for its clients.

SCG's initial approach for its consulting and advisory work focuses on the most economical and gradual evolution and intelligent optimization of the Client's existing assets and infrastructures. Recommending acquisition of new assets and technological systems is always possible, but only after all other possibilities to add value have been sufficiently exhausted.

SCG's technological expertise and sophistication allows it to keep track of current developments in diverse fields, and this cross-disciplinary approach helps clients save money and reuse valuable resources.
SCG's Consulting and Advisory Service deliverables include reports, in-depth analyses and comprehensive presentations. All of these offer a complete, detailed overview of their assessments and summaries of conclusions, phrased in language that the Client’s management can understand, discuss, and use.

Proposals for next steps are included to provide a road map for going forward. We consider how client organizations can absorb and implement such recommendations and solutions into their own unique environments. These may include the construction of tailor-made tools and procedural methods, instructional and educational services, hands-on consulting services or optimized implementation procedures over the Client's current models and methods.

SCG works swiftly to provide actionable insight to the problem-solving and decision-making process. In parallel, SCG delivers in depth, broad-based knowledge to help its clients capture the most advantageous position in confronting a problem or seizing an opportunity.

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