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We build the Roadmaps to a Sustainable Future ...

Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Consultancy for an Intelligent Planet

A world of opportunity, a world of risk. We live in a complex, complicated world of human and environmental interrelations and interactions.
The future is here, but to those who know only yesterday's answers, the right course is far from obvious.
Schloer Consulting Group can help your organization prepare for tomorrow.
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Answers in Real Time

Correct positioning results in realized opportunity, but impasses and delays obstruct timely performance. We must devise today the solutions for tomorrow’s world, and we must implement them before today is past. Situations change faster now than ever before, driven by tomorrow's technologies, and we can keep pace only through the innovative use of those technologies. To process correct answers in real-time we must not only focus on output but also optimize input. Only real-time information analysis and clinical approaches to data collection will allow us to succeed.

Evidence Based Consulting Solutions

Today’s critical information processing must be flexible, responsive, and proactive, as well as real-time. Analyzing yesterday's data gives yesterday's answers, and reacting only to yesterday's data gives rise to today's disasters. Furthermore, competitiveness through swift reaction is no longer measured in months, weeks or days, not even in hours or minutes. Viable competition will be defined by analyzing information and reacting to it in milliseconds; it will thus transcend human cognitive ability, with its significantly slower reaction times and variable decision-making qualities. The frequent decision-making errors and their harsh consequences in the world of finance demonstrate this point eloquently. A new age of instantaneous global processing and competitive interaction has already begun.
SCG prepares its clients for the transition to this age, by bringing the best science from research laboratories into real world applications, reliably and affordably.
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SCG designs, defines and delivers real-time strategic knowledge networks, automated decision processors, execution systems, global monitoring solutions, and end-to-end processing assets in nearly every area of commerce, public administration, science and education.


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