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The SCG Research Team is comprised of the best experts available focusing on the Client’s specific research projects and fields of research involved. The base team includes a senior data analyst, computer scientists and other field-specific scientists needed to complete the research project. Often mathematicians, physicists, linguists, philosophers and anthropologists augment the team to focus on the transdisciplinary and intercultural qualities of SCG’s research services.

SCG Research Projects are supported through SCG’s Quantum Relation Technology and very large-scale supercomputer systems, with full access to global data and information pipelines.

Typically, SCG develops a clear definition and understanding of what the aim of the research is, and how the researched results will benefit the Client. Then SCG Research Team researches the topic to the entire scope and purpose of the Client’s needs.

The deliverables range from reports in the form of documents (pdf, etc.) to online web content, and can even be sophisticated computer models that show results under different hypothetical scenarios. Depending on preference and necessity, research results can be either a ‘one-time’ deliverable, or a continuous online flow of continuously updated results, either reflective or real-time.

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