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What is SCG Healthcare Systems ?

The SCG Healthcare System constitutes an innovative, revolutionary end-to-end e-medicine solution. Our system is designed to overcome the ineffectiveness of most current healthcare systems, raise quality to a new standard, make medicine more transparent, and allow a better use of existing resources. A consistent integration of modern IT will lead to the long-awaited push of innovation in this field.


Healthcare is one of the most important and challenging problems confronting the world today. Most experts will agree that current healthcare systems operate at a level far below potential; many say that global healthcare is on the brink of breakdown.

By any estimate, a tremendous amount of human illness and suffering could be remedied, but actually is not. Healthcare problems threaten to worsen over the coming years. Indeed, the accelerating pace of innovations such as new medicines, new diagnostic and treatment techniques, the molecular genetics revolution, as well as many other innovative tools, are widely surpassing our practical ability to apply these techniques in an extensive and socially balanced fashion.

Many healthcare systems in industrialized countries have high-tech medicine, but must continually fight with the pervading disequilibrium of costs and levels of quality for the citizens at large. Very often, attempts for a solution lead to restrictions of services. These attempts also create an additional loss of efficiency by the growing costs of administration overhead. The situation in many developing countries is even worse. The sadly grotesque lack of accessibility to healthcare in some of these countries is one of the biggest human tragedies in our modern world.

What are the reasons for the global system’s failure? What are the main obstacles to the numerous, past and present attempts at a viable solution? While most other economic branches have fully adopted IT-based systems and have taken advantage of the vast increase in effectiveness they bring, the process of delivering this technology to healthcare systems has been deferred over and over again, due to the frightening complexity of healthcare systems in general, the insufficient political will to bring fundamental changes, and the lack of integration of isolated applications, incapable of survival on their own. This development is extremely negative because the basis of every patient – caregiver interaction is an information transfer and the whole healthcare process is massively influenced by the quality of this interaction.

The Solution

This solution creates a comprehensive communication and information exchange platform for all participants of the healthcare process, including patients, physicians, medical researchers, insurers, and health administration. It is centered around an electronic health record (EHR) that integrates data from both patients and caregivers enabling access for both parties on an emancipated level without putting up barriers between a “patients’ world” and a “doctors’ world”.

It incorporates sophisticated management and administration capabilities for all healthcare facilities such as public health centers, medical practices, hospitals, as well as a patient-controlled, personal health record system with an integration of telemedicine. The system is fully scalable to different community sizes, ranging from a global to a country-wide or a district-wide scope. It is adaptable to a full range of cultural contexts, e.g., bringing together eastern, traditionally more proactive styles, and western, post-active styles of practice in the field of medicine.

Every bit of information resulting from an interaction of the physician and the patient in the clinical workflow is transmitted to a fundamental comprehensive database. The entirety of EHR data will be grouped, combined, processed, and analyzed continuously with high-end AI-driven algorithms such as automated hypothesis generation, automatic disease-cluster detection, and automatic health-risk evaluation. Our system will intelligently and ergonomically streamline the medical workflow by case-adapted examination support, diagnosis suggestions, and treatment monitoring. Using its outstanding therapy monitoring capabilities the system itself will generate evidence-driven gold standards, which will continuously evolve by the massive flow of medical information and will lead to a paradigm shift in the art of medicine with a higher standard of effectiveness. These gold standards, obtained by an observation of huge patient groups with comparable constellations of symptoms and problems, will be the indispensable foundation for a realistic planning of an optimized healthcare process in the specific context of the respective community.

Today, SCG Healthcare Systems, an 'Intercultural Global Project' division of SCG develops revolutionary and integrated solutions for tomorrow’s computer-based, global healthcare management systems.

SCG welcomes development partners that wish to participate in this project on any level. We can also help countries that have an interest in using the advanced capabilities of the SCG Healthcare Systems to start early pilot implementations. Become a Partner. Start a Pilot Project.

Most important features of the new system include:

• Web-based electronic environment for all users across all applications

• Generation of a highly confidential and secure electronic health record, which will constitute a complete medical history of the patient

• Instant and secure accessibility of health records for patients and their healthcare providers and insurers.

• Dataflow and Data storage that offers full protection of the patient’s identity and data security.

• Sophisticated, context-adaptive interface of healthcare provider and patient, with up-to-date data-acquisition devices, in order to effectively and securely facilitate data transfer to the electronic record in real-world physician and patient interactions.

• Integration of automated patient-monitoring systems with alarm functions.

• Context - sensitive decision support tools for diagnosis and treatment, securely accessible for health care providers and patients.

• Optional integration of socio – demographic, family, job, and lifestyle data to enhance possibilities for preventive medicine.

• Instant access to case-related scientific information and standards of care.

• Global Central database for patient records as a basic requirement for AI - based complex data processing making extensive use of its Quantum Relation Technology (QRT).

• Rapid and secure data backflow to healthcare providers and patients by continuous generation of hypotheses and testing of the complete database to provide evidence-based information.

• Easy and secure data access for scientific research and full integration of medical literature that joins this information with the evidence data from the patient’s record. This process is specifically designed to protect the patient’s identity.

• Disease-cluster observation for rapid detection of new or changed disease patterns, and bioterrorism surveillance with automated, real-time global monitoring and alert system.

• Communication space for easy and secure exchange of information between patients, healthcare providers and other medical institutions.

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