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SCG transforms the space of Search Engine technologies through Q-Search into high-grade commercial applications.

SCG readies to set new standards and commercial value propositions with its new Q-Search technology. Q-Search shall enable its owners to deploy completely new commercial products and services to clients and open a new and to date unrealized market space for search engine technologies. SCG believes, that the implementation of Q-Search will bring leadership in this business space to its owners and decisively compete with the current search engine leaders.

The Q-Space systems platform will deliver all functionality of today’s “State of the Art” search engine technologies such as Google or Yahoo searches by default. But this is only where Q-Search it begins its work. The Q-Search Technology offers QRT-grade Artificial Intelligence engines that open this architecture to completely new and innovative features and value added benefits for commercial user.
Here are some of the value and benefits that Q-Search qill deliver to its users:

• All searchable content of the Q-Search system will be organized and identified through global IPv6 technology. Q-Search will therefore be able to ‘map’ any searchable object, including abstract and complex concepts, to an IP number and therefore enjoy the benefits of its advanced modeling in intelligent networks, its traceability and finally its accessibility though any networked computing device,
• all Q-Search mechanisms and queries will be highly flexible and user definable qualitatively and quantitatively,
• Search content will not be restricted to documents and can include packages of any type of structured and unstructured result including tables, numbers, various media, excerpts of content, such a individual paragraphs in documents, in any combination and composition,
• The search interfaces will be developed in such way, that they become fully integrateable and imbeddedable on any web enabled device or technology including hidden devices and submerged data pipelines, active and reactive,
• The developed search interface architecture will be fully interactive to become continuously refineable, changeable and recallable through continuous client invoked and defined search-spaces,
• The user will be able to define Q-Search Projects that are saved to a user account and run in the background on a continues basis, adopting to changing quality criteria of the user,
• The search interface and backend technology platform of Q-Search will permit fully abstract search goals that service complex client definition spaces such as “sentiment”, “opportunity” or “risk,” v • The Q-Search technology will be conceptionalized from the beginning to enable full commercial real-time applications such as “Business Intelligence” and “Continious Situation Awareness.”
Q-Search will be fully secure, by encrypting any search process and result for the user. Commercial clients will have the option to use biometric and smart card technologies, to further guard the Q-Search processes and results.

SCG opens the gate to a competitive new world, where timely and intelligent information is the new currency of business.

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