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SCG on Supercomputer Power in Ljubljana

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SCG and the Ljubljana Supercomputing Center - LSC ADRIA have joined forces to utilize one of the world’s most powerful Supercomputers for real-time research and global consulting projects. The Ljubljana Supercomputer Center – ADRIA was inaugurated in April 2008 and equipped with the most powerful Blade technology available to date. 

The mission of such a supercomputing centre is to investigate, develop and manage information technology in order to facilitate scientific investigation.  The computational power of LSC Adria is extensive. The parallel computer cluster has 2048 processors, 4096 GB RAM and multi-TB disk storage for online research data. The computer cluster enables to make more than 10000 complicated CFD analyses per year. Cluster building blocks are IBM's H series Blades. For the computational node interconnect, the center has implemented Infiniband low-latency interconnect.  Software for cluster support, as well as the operating system, is open source based.  The LSC will be used for fluid flow simulations as well as SCG's complex linguistic projects and Quantum Relation Technology-based data analysis and AI processes. 


The Power of the new LSC will allow calculations of billions of data elements in parallel, which will significantly improve simulation of real-world problems and energize SCG's research and development of client solutions.


SCG is utilizing supercomputers for computation-intensive methods in scientific projects of complex Linguistics (see Q-Search Project), Intelligent Energy Management, Climate and Marine Research, Medical Diagnostic, Clinical Studies and other AI driven computations. 

SCG will make extensive use of the Ljubljana Supercomputing Center to develop and test its next generation of Quantum Relation Technology.

The Ljubljana Supercomputing Center is currently adding 2500 processors for additional computational capacity, making it therefore one of the 10 most powerful supercomputers in Europe and one of the top 50 in the world.


In the next 36 months, SCG plans to store up to 25 Petabyte of real-time online data in the Ljubljana Supercomputing Center to be researched by the SCG’s sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Technology, QRT.

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