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Analysis Management, Production and Delivery Infrastructure - the Focus Services of SCG

  1. Strategic Forecasts; Optimizations; Recommendations; Planning and Implementation
    (by regions and/or target segments; business, society, organizations or governments)

  2. Public Policy and ‘Message’ development; Speech Writing Consultation; Strategic Public Policy Development  

  3. Real-Time Policy Impact Analysis
    (by policy type and region; Commercial, Institutional/Administrative, Political)

  4. Real-time Economic and Sociologic Impact Reports and Intelligence Feeds on selected ‘hot-news’ or ‘hot-topic’ items

  5. Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Response-Escalation Strategies; short and long-term Scope (by groups and/or regions); Commercial; Administrative; Political
    (Policy, Conflict, Economic, Systemic, Cultural/Social)

  6. Emerging Socioeconomic/Geopolitical Trends Analysis
    (commercial and/or sociological; conflicts; crisis; Analysis and Strategic planning)  

  7. Renewable Energy Strategy Consultation


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