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Technological Responses to Real-World Problems

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real-world. real-time.

SCG designs and implements complete wall-to-wall technological solutions that respond to the real-world problems of the 21st century.

Such solutions are usually comprehensive in scope and often cross over into many disciplines of science, commerce and public administration. Our large reservoir of consultants from nearly every background and with extensive senior experience to define solutions across all fields of practice are perfectly prepared to respond to the tasks on hand.

SCG is currently involved in several major projects that fall into this service category. For more information on current projects please look at the information on the Intelligent Energy Distribution and Forecasting Technology Project and also the Q-Search Technology Project.

Other projects that will come online are E-Medicine Projects (Please read News Article on Vision for new Healthcare System in Medicine on Crossroads). The new technology solutions SCG currently develops will not only add extensive value to the entire field of Healthcare but they will lower the cost extensively.

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