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SCG consists of a global network of the most qualified senior and junior workforce from nearly every area of management, commerce, science and technology. SCG provides end-to-end, problem-solving strategies.

Our experts have interdisciplinary and intercultural training in Law; Finance; Science; Energy; Civil Engineering; Medicine; Computer Science (including advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies); Public Administration; Diplomacy; Security (Local and Global); Education; and many other fields.

Their extensive professional backgrounds include a multitude of complementary skills and practices designed to understand and solve the most complex problems. Our core team provides the essential links in this global network.

The Core Team

Hardy F. SchloerPresident and Managing Director

Philip GagnerVice President and Chief Scientist

Dr. Vladimir KercanSenior Consultant and Strategic Partner; Global Supercomputing, Renewable Energy, Management of Major Engineering Projects

Dr. Konrad Wienands Chief Consultant; Global Healthcare and Medical Research

Andreas ZieglerChief Consultant, Chief Analyst for Complex Global Technology Infrastructures, ICT and Advanced System Architectures

John Tim TylerChief Consultant; Global Security; Energy; Strategy

Prof. Dr. Xinhua Zhang Chief Consultant; Global Economics; Policy and Strategy; Culture; Management; International Relations; Information; Knowledge; Communication

Prof. Dr. Mihai SpariosuChief Consultant; Global Knowledge Management; Education

Mr. Muhamed CaticSenior Consultant for Geo-Political Strategies and Government Negotiations in Middle East and Central Asia

Katie SilcoxLead Consultant; Investigative Research and Publications

Lisa SantilloLead Consultant; Communication and Project Development

President and Managing Director

Hardy F. Schloer is a strong team builder, entrepreneur, accomplished scientist and visionary theoretical thinker with extensive people and public relation skills.

For three decades now Schloer has built successful global technology solutions and practical problem-solving infrastructures for clients and partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Schloer has extensive hands-on experience in the design and the conceptualization of successful solutions and complex technology architectures on global scale. His strong ability to view problems through their complex layers of context has enabled him to become a highly effective analyst and 'out-of-the-box' thinking problem solver.

Schloer is founder and former CEO of RavenPack AG in Germany and RavenPack International in Spain, a world leader in computational linguistics and real-time financial applications. Schloer is also the inventor of numerous Information and Communication Technology patents and of the Quantum Relation Theory, a breakthrough concept in Artificial Intelligence ( Understanding Artificial Intelligence) . The Quantum Relation Theory has been academically reviewed and discussed (see Reviews on QRT). (Quantum Relation Technology)

In 2001 Schloer received the award of 'One of 25 Best Technologies of the Future' from NetInvestor in Germany for the invention of his Quantum Relation-based technology platform, 'RavenSpace' (Article)

Schloer also made important intellectual contributions to the field of healthcare with his groundbreaking concept 'AlphaMedic', a global approach to modern healthcare that envisions globally standardized, centralized and AI managed patients record keeping, combined with computer assisted real-time medical diagnostics and automated clinical trials in a global 24/7 processing approach. Schloer's AlphaMedic concept to healthcare problems has received a European Grant and has been published and discussed (Article) in the press and online healthcare publications.

Schloer has developed a strong transdisciplinary and intercultural approach to problem-solving consultancy that is now leading in its field. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and is frequently invited to international conferences, public discussion panels and other global Think Tank events.

Vice President and Chief Scientist

Philip A. Gagner has more than 30 years of experience in the computer and technology fields, including robotics, digital hardware design, software development, data communications, finance, and law. He earned a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, and has litigated some of the lead cases in software and technology law. In addition, his technical experience includes work as a researcher at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ( Understanding Artificial Intelligence) , hardware and software engineering as Senior Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, several years as a senior researcher at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., and founder of Legal Data Systems, a software solutions company.

Mr. Gagner has been a lecturer to federal court judges on forensic computer evidence and was a chief designer of the complex array of technology that supports the federal courts in the United States. He is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm Shaughnessy, Volzer & Gagner, and was Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at RavenPack International from its founding in 1998 until 2008.

Philip Gagner has led a number of projects including the communications and control software for the world's first comprehensive newspaper automation system (sponsored by the American Newspaper Publishers Association), development of low-cost communications hardware systems for integrated networks of small computers, a national network for data sharing for the United States Federal Courts, design and implementation of financial modeling systems, large scale systems for news gathering and distribution, and has worked with a variety of national governments on trade issues, intellectual property law reform, and energy and communications systems. He is on the Board of Directors of several trade and technology companies, and has spoken on legal and technology issues at conferences in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Mr. Gagner is a strong intellectual leader and intercultural communicator. He has comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding in nearly every area of science. His extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Biology, Medicine, Anthropology, Philosophy, Law and Human Behavior build the solid foundation of Gagner's ability to understand, analyze, and work comfortably with the most complex and intercultural issues. He successfully leads teams of scientists and professionals from diverse areas of expertise, education and global culture to consult, to build solutions and to integrate the solutions in many professional or cultural environments.

Senior Consultant and Strategic Partner; Global Supercomputing, Renewable Energy, Management of Major Engineering Projects

Dr. Vladimir Kercan manages and operates one of the worlds most powerful Supercomputer Centers. He has more than 30 years of experience in hydropower development and hydraulic machines research, testing, production and commissioning. He has more than 25 years of experience in research and high technology production company management.

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rijeka in 1975, he then obtained a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana in 1979 and doctoral degree at the University of Rijeka in 2001. From 1975, he has worked for Turboinstitut d.d., specialising in turbine model research, development and testing, turbine field testing and in dynamic behavior analyses of hydraulic machinery, using arrays of powerful supercomputers in simulation research. From 1984-88 he served as head of the turbine research and development department. Since 1982 he has been serving as its Managing Director.

At numerous national and international hydropower conferences, he presented papers related to turbine refurbishment, turbine dynamic behavior at partial loads, measurement techniques and small hydro development and use. His experience is based on direct involvement and responsibility for turbine research and development, model testing in the laboratory and site, hydropower planning and development and development of international business relations.

Chief Consultant; Global Healthcare and Medical Research

Dr. Konrad Wienands is an experienced medical doctor as well as a specialist in medical Information Technology. He is now for more then two decades Senior Consultant in Medicine and Medical Research with more than a decade of clinical experience and private medical practice. Dr. Wienands holds a Medical Doctorate from the University of Aachen, Germany, for his work on cancer cells, computer-modeling their growth under ineffective surveillance of the immune system.

Dr. Wienands has developed extensive hands-on expertise in large-scale medical documentation systems and their implementation in real-world medical environments such as clinics and hospital grids. Dr. Wienands has significant expertise in combining practical medical requirements with cutting-edge technologies. He was chief coordinator for the restructuring of major hospital groups, and worked with administrative and technology departments to integrate healthcare process and practice with technology. Dr. Wienands has an extensive managerial background in leading hospital consortiums in Germany. His straightforward and target-oriented problem solving attitude guarantees practical solutions.

Dr. Wienands also pioneered in the integration of modern imaging modalities, specifically Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in the field of rheumatology, notably enhancing diagnostic possibilities.

Chief Consultant, Chief Analyst for Complex Global Technology Infrastructures, ICT and Advanced System Architectures

Mr. Ziegler is a highly analytic individual with keen abstraction capability, resulting in strong problem solving skills. He has a solid background in information and communication technology, obtained in over two decades of experience as pioneering software and systems developer, technology infrastructure architect and business analyst. He possesses distinctive entrepreneurial skills, combining a deep understanding of technical contexts with a strong awareness of business management aspects. Mr. Ziegler has worked extensively with several national and international consulting companies and global IT solution providers.

Mr. Ziegler holds a degree in mechanical engineering from distinguished German university RWTH Aachen. He specializes in data management, designing solutions for acquisition, storage, and retrieval of large-scale data.

Mr. Ziegler designed and implemented several of the world's largest data solutions for companies in the automotive field (Audi, Volkswagen) and financial sector (Allianz, LBS).

Mr. Ziegler held numerous senior positions as global project manager and lead consultant. Mr. Ziegler has successfully led many teams to implement complex global technology solutions His latest fields of activity are massive global data storage architectures and complex technology networks.

Chief Consultant; Global Security; Energy; Strategy

Mr. Tyler serves as lead consultant for SCG in all strategy matters relating to global security and governmental problem solving issues. He is a founding partner of Pareto Energy, Ltd. an energy company focused on the deployment of microgrids to provide highly reliable, clean (no harmonics or voltage fluctuations), green electric power. He has served on a White House Task Force and has worked closely with Office of Management and Budget, the National Security Council and National Economic Council staffs and with the US Congress.

Tyler relishes using creativity in solving complex problems and has a proven high-profile track record of international success. He serves on the Advisory Board of Noxilizer, Inc., which developed disruptive techniques for sterilization at ambient temperatures. He was a founding Partner of Beetect, LLC, which successfully developed methods of using honey bees to detect high explosives (e.g. C4) based on Bayesian statistical algorithms and using proprietary conditioning techniques. He served on the Advisory Board for RavenPack AG. Tyler was also the Treasurer of Historic Mt. Pleasant an organization dedicated to historic preservation in the Mt. Pleasant Historic District of Washington, DC.

Within NATO he served as the United States representative on the Defense Review Committee--responsible for conventional and nuclear defense planning. He helped conceive the dual-track approach to cruise missile deployment and arms control.

He has over 20 years of senior management experience in government and the private sector, including broad inter-national negotiation experience in Europe, Middle East and the Far East related to major (billion dollar plus) weapons systems sales for the US Government. Tyler was responsible for developing unique financial structures to refinance of billions of dollars of Foreign Military Sales Credit debt.

Tyler structured the agreements and led the negotiations that produced the simultaneous sale of the E-3A (AWACS) to Great Britain and France. He worked closely with industry and conceived the negotiating approaches and agreement structures that led to the successful FS-X fighter development program with Japan (nearly a $1 billion in profit for the US contractor) and the Korean FX fighter co-production program.

Tyler created and managed the 'Bears Spares' Project, a special program that repaired and upgraded electronics equipment from the Former Soviet Union for its owners in Africa. He is a national security policy expert, educated at Yale and later attended the National Security Seminar for Senior Executives at Harvard. He became part of the US Government's 'Senior Executive Service' when in his early thirties.

Chief Consultant; Global Economics; Policy and Strategy; Cultur; Management; International Relations; Information; Knowledge; Communication

Prof. Xinhua Zhang is one of the world's foremost scholars in regard to applications of information science and support to topics of globalization, economic transformation, cross-cultural development and communication. Professor Zhang is the Director of the Center for Policy and Strategic Studies, and Director of the Department of Information Science at The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), one of China's major think tanks. He is the Overseas Advisor of the China-Australia Studies Forum of RMIT, and is Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Shanghai Vision Consultants Co., Ltd., as well as a member of The Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Additionally, Professor Zhang has headed several national key research programs commissioned by both central and local governments in China, and has successfully completed dozens of research projects for both Chinese and international governments and organizations.

Prof. Zhang was appointed as program leader for the study of informatization and communication at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and has contributed major policy papers for the planning and construction of the Shanghai Info-port and information infrastructure development. He has also cooperated on joint research projects involving international financial system reform and governance with foreign institutions. These special projects included major research studies with the Chinese central authority on Information Security, Internet Governance and Cyber-legislation. From the successful execution of these projects, Prof. Dr. Zhang was subsequently appointed as one of the key experts on national security strategy planning in China, under the State Council.

Prof. Zhang is author of twelve books and more than one hundred academic papers, several of which have received the highest honors and prizes for excellence. He has also acted as a corporate consultant to a large variety of international companies, including Siemens, Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, Taprogge GmbH, Hometek International, Dyline, The Yixiu Group, The Wanan Group, and The Shanghai Environmental Protection Group. Fields of his corporate consulting work included energy and sector development strategy, environment and ecology, strategic management and business restructuring, and cross-cultural policy. He is also an international speaker, and has taught and lectured at many of the world's most respected universities, institutions and organizations, including the Tel Aviv International School of Management, the University of Michigan Business School, the Davidson Institute, the University of Georgia, and the University of California at Berkeley.


Chief Consultant; Global Knowledge Management; Education

Dr. Mihai Spariosu is, in addition to his work as SCG Chief Consultant, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia, Athens, in the United States. He holds an M.A. from Tulane University and a Ph.D. from Stanford University and has taught at many prominent universities around the world. He is the founder and leading theoretician of a new field of study and practice, Intercultural Knowledge Management, which he proposed and developed in two internationally acclaimed books: Global Intelligence and Human Development: Toward an Ecology of Global Learning (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2005) (Read more.) and Remapping Knowledge: Intercultural Studies for a Global Age (Berghahn Publishers, New York and Oxford, 2006). SEE EXCERPTS and REVIEWS. He is a leading cultural historian and theoretician in Western philosophy, literature, and science.

Dr. Mihai Spariosu was President of the International Foundation for Global Studies, the co-founder and former academic director of the Institute of European Studies, founder and director of the East Central European Program, and founder and former director of The Avignon Study Abroad Program at the University of Georgia. He also co-founded and co-directed The International School of Theory in the Humanities at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He has lectured and consulted widely on the importance of an intercultural approach to scientific research, public policy, and corporate business practices. He has also organized or participated in conferences, workshops, and seminars on global learning and leadership, environmental education, transdisciplinary and intercultural curriculum development, and intercultural knowledge management. SEE PAPERS. He is currently leading the development of centers of global learning in several countries and regions around the world.


Senior Consultant for Geo-Political Strategies and Government Negotiations in Middle East and Central Asia

Mr. Muhamed Catic is strategic advisor for Middle East and Central Asia on Geo-Political Issues and regional Development projects. He lived and worked successfully in the GCC for over 35 years, and is providing extensive value and insight knowledge through the SCG ThinkTank.

Muhamed Catic received his BS from University of Sarajevo in Theoretical Mathematics and His MS from the University of Zagreb in Information Technology. He is an alumni of the Stanford GBS.
He is currently the Group Director of IFFCO, a business house based in the UAE, which manufactures and markets a well-integrated range of mass-market consumer products. Since its inception in 1975, IFFCO’s history has been one of consistent and successful growth. IFFCO brands now enjoy the confidence and preference of consumers in many countries and markets all over Asia and Africa.

Muhamed Catic  is currently Group Director of the International Business Development, Board Member of FISB, a joint venture between FELDA, Malaysia and IFFCO. He is a former member of the Advisory Council of Shaikh Mohammed Technology Park in Dubai, and a former member of the Executive Committee of EAN-international (Int’l Article Numbering Association).

His expertise lies in international business development, innovation and technology management, and international public relations.

Lead Consultant; Investigative Research and Publications

Ms. Katie Silcox is a consultant, writer, researcher, teacher and public speaker, specializing in the fields of media information, alternative health modalities, Eastern philosophy and topics of medicine, as well as sustainable technology. She holds degrees in anthropology from James Madison University, La Universidad de San Luis in Madrid, Spain.

Ms. Silcox worked as Head Researcher at the Information Analysis Department of RavenPack International, S.L., directly assisting both the C.E.O. and C.T.O. of the company. She successfully lead projects involving sustainable technology, alternative health-care modalities, financial markets, news sentiment, behavioral finance, grant writing, human behavior research, and qualitative interviews.

Ms. Silcox consulted many corporate clients include The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), Just Yell Fire Charity, Get, Suite 101, Women of Grace and Power, Idea Box Marketing, Vibrational Living, and The Global Healing Center. She has also ghost-written several books on health and alternative healing methods. In addition to her writing and consulting career, Ms. Silcox leads health-education events world-wide, and recently assisted one of the world's foremost yoga and mediation teachers at the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. Ms. Silcox functioned as Editor in Chief and Head Writer for FitEngine Magazine in New York City, and a contributing writer to many other health and fitness publications worldwide.

Lead Consultant; Communication and Project Development

Ms. Lisa Santillo handles SCG project development and supervises all tasks related to documentation and presentation. Ms. Santillo has extensive knowledge in a wide range of industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, wholesale and retail, energy, real estate and urban development, information and communication technologies, and logistics. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, Ms. Santillo is well positioned to understand and manage complex project developments and strategic opportunities.


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